To make a Cornish Pasty you will need the following ingredients:

Cornish Pasties

  1. Shortcrust Pastry (you can use plain or wholemeal pastry, you can also use vegetarian pasrty like we do for our vegetatian options)
  2. Potato chipped/ flaked or cubed into small pieces
  3. Swede also chipped flaked or cubed into small pieces
  4. Skirt beef the traditional cut, or you can use rump if you prefer
  5. Salt and cracked black pepper
  6. Eggs to glaze


  1. Prepare your pastry the day before making the pasties and leave to rest in the fridge overnight (1000g /2lb of pastry should make 4 pasties)
  2. Chipp/flake or cube your potato and swede and leave in some cool water intill you are ready to use (500g / 1lb potato and swede mixed)
  3. Chop your meat into into chunks ( 100g / 350g / 1lb meat)
  4. Chop your onion ( 200g/ 1lb )
  5. Mix your salt and pepper together

Making your pasty

How to make a Cornish Pasty

  1. Roll out your pasrty into 8″ circles on a floured surface
  2. Drain your potato and swede and season with a table spoon of salt and pepper
  3. When this has drained put a pile in the centre of the pastry circle
  4. Then put your meat on and season
  5. Put the onion on next
  6. Then more potato and swede
  7. Dampen the edgeds with water or egg wash then pull the 2 sides together
  8. From the right side (for right handers) or from the left(for left handers)
  9. Pinch the pastry together and pull the pastry over your opposite finger and thumb, tucking under slightly as you go along.
  10. Coat with egg glaze, and bake on silacone paper for 1 hour at 180 degrees C

Cornish Pasties

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