All our pasties are hand made, they take 1 hour to cook and about 10 minutes to make. Please be patient, we try our best not to sell out at busy times. You are welcome to pre-order to avoid disappointment.

Here’s a list of what flavours we sell so you can tease your tastebuds before your visit.

All our pasties have the same base, shortcrust pastry, potato, swede, onion and salt and pepper. Then the different fillings can be added to that recipe.

Please note: Breakfast, Chicken, Pork & Fish will be featured as a weekend special on a rota system or they can be pre-ordered but we will need at least 48 hours notice for these pre-orders to avoid disappointment.

The Proper Cornish Pasty

  • The Proper Cornish Pasty – This is the traditional Cornish pasty, if you’ve never had one before…. this is a must! Filled with potato swede, onion hand cut Cornish skirt and carefully seasoned.

Miners Pasties

  • Our miners pasties are extra large, traditionally filled with apple one side and steak the other side!

For The Cheese Lovers

  • Cheese & Onion 
  • Bacon, Cheese & Leek

Other Favourites

  • Beef & Blue – If you can’t choose between cheese or beef try this , we use a locally produced blue cheese made on the moors, crumbled over the meat.
  • Lamb & Mint – Minced lamb marinated with mint sauce leeks and rosemary
  • Bacon, Cheese & Leek – Bacon with leeks and cheese on the top
  • Our Famous Breakfast Pasty – For the hungry early risers! Bacon sausage egg beans mushrooms and tomatoes

Our Chicken Selection

Our Chicken Selection will be available on our Weekend Specials rota

  • Chinese Chicken –  Chicken in hoi sin sauce and oriental veg
  • Thai Chicken – Chicken with red curry paste, mushrooms, tomato, coconut and peppers
  • Chicken Korma – Chicken with raisins, coconut, flakes and almonds
  • Chicken Tikka – Chicken with Tikka seasoning and mixed sliced peppers

For the Pork Lovers

  • Pork & Stuffing – Pork with sage stuffing and diced apple

Fishy Friday

(When we are busy)

  • Mackerel with Horseradish – Locally caught mackerel with horseradish and peas
  • Sweet Chilli Tuna – Tuna, sweet chilli sauce,  sweetcorn and cheese


(You get a treat too!)

  • Mixed vegetable pasty – A selection of mixed vegetables in a pasty, delicious!
  • Spicy Chickpea and Lentil – on wholemeal pastry
  • Curried Parsnip – on wholemeal pastry
  • Thai Butternut Squash – on wholemeal pastry

Weekend Specials

  • Cheese & Baked Bean 
  • Cheese & Homemade Apple Chutney
  • Breakfast Pasty
  • Chicken Korma
  • Chinese Chicken
  • Thai Chicken
  • Pork, Apple & Stuffing
  • Mackerel, Horseradish & Pea

Birthday/Special Celebration Pasties

Call us to discuss your bespoke requirements. Our birthday and celebration pasties are extra large and you are able to add personalisation!

Gluten Free (to order only)

We offer gluten free pasties. They are made 1st thing in the morning before we start our normal baking. Please pre-order the day before to avoid disappointment.
We can also make pasties to order without onion or an egg glaze. As we don’t use milk in our glaze they are dairy free!

Postal Pasties

You can order boxes of 10 pasties by calling 01503 263973.